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Designer Closet Guys

Designer Closet Guys Team provides unparalleled service and style! Each space is uniquely designed and crafted to suit your individual tastes. Designer Closet Guys have been designing gorgeous custom closets and storage spaces in the Vancouver area for over 12 years.

What makes them different is that they’re local, and they know closets! From their design team to the manufacturing of products, They are 100% ‘made in Canada’. They have the best service with quality design and installation using locally made materials.

Designer Closet Guys

Technologies Used:

Designer Closet Guys

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Services Provided:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Develpment

About this project

Their website was in desperate need of a cleanup. On first inspection, it seemed fine but once we looked a bit closer, we found they had a lot of bloat on the backend, it loaded incredibly slow and there were a few broken pages. We were tasked to increase the website speed, fix the 404s and give a general tidy-up to clean up the website design. The site had several 404 pages that they kept linking to internally from other pages & menus. The simplest solution for this was to rebuild the template and content with a blank template. We were also able to reduce the number of plugins they were using from 6 to 1 which really lightens up the website. We paid very close attention to the live pages, style, fonts and images used, rebuilding the gallery and fixing all the 404s along the way. This step will help with their overall SEO strategy and help them rank better on Google.


  • Increase the speed of the page load

  • Reduce the number of plugins

  • Reduce the number of server requests

  • Fix 404 page errors

  • Add back the gallery functions

Designer Closet Guys

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