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Karice Lighting

Founded in 1993 by iron worker and machinist Maurice Dery and artist Karen Dery, today Karice Lighting has developed to become a market leader in decorative lighting. Presenting original artistic and innovative designs, Karice is recognised internationally for its superior craftsmanship. Recently, machinist and designer Jordan Dery joined his parents at the head of the company, bringing additional creativity and skill to the team.

Karice has grown to become a leader when it comes to original and custom designs for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Karice Lighting

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About this project

From retail to residential, hotel, office, showrooms, hospitality and light-art installations Karice has the experience and knowledge to meet your project needs. In-house design, quality control, engineering, prototyping, production, and testing is all handled at the Karice headquarters in British Columbia, Canada.


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Karice Lighting

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