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Mr. Lawn

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Mr. Lawn specializes in providing beautiful lawns that exceed expectations. Their  crew guarantees you are left with a beautiful, lush green lawn that is ready to enjoy.

Website Design for Nashé Beauty

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Nashé Beauty is a Canadian-African Heritage beauty brand based in Greater Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The magnificent richness of Africa’s botanical heritage is a nourishing resource Nashé Beauty wishes to share.

Nashé Beauty uses traditional African knowledge, passed on from our grandmothers and mothers, and modern skincare science to craft natural products for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Products you will want to use every day in your beauty ritual.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Prima Power Systems

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Prima Power Systems is a Canadian provider of custom power generation solutions.  Their product range includes diesel, natural gas, and propane-powered equipment ranging from 6 kW to 5,000 kW.  Their sales team are all certified electricians who can help guide you through the buying experience.

A Turnkey Approach

From consultation and design to install and commissioning.

Karice Lighting

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Founded in 1993 by iron worker and machinist Maurice Dery and artist Karen Dery, today Karice Lighting has developed to become a market leader in decorative lighting. Presenting original artistic and innovative designs, Karice is recognised internationally for its superior craftsmanship. Recently, machinist and designer Jordan Dery joined his parents at the head of the company, bringing additional creativity and skill to the team.

Karice has grown to become a leader when it comes to original and custom designs for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Western Ranchlands

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A conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, Canada. They use a combination of science-based strategies, proven management systems and professional expertise to efficiently manage land on a large scale.

Western Ranchlands offers a new perspective and a new approach to synergistic-ally combine the operation of livestock businesses, the conservation of open space, and real estate investment.

Well Being BC

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Well-Being BC was created for all schools, as part of a school-based mental health initiative to support three pillars of Well-Being

Well-being is defined as the experience of feeling happy and healthy, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Well-being is strongly associated with having safe and caring relationships with others, a sense of purpose or meaning, and generally feeling satisfied with life.

Social-emotional learning is critical to “developing the skills and competencies related to recognizing and managing emotions, developing care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, setting and achieving positive goals, and handling challenging situations constructively”.

Centurion Trucking

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Based in Surrey, British Columbia – Centurion Trucking Inc. was formed in 2008 to serve customers with Dry Van and Flatbed trucking needs. As their customers’ needs began to change, they diversified their logistics to include both Heated and Refrigerated service.

The objective of Centurion Trucking Inc. is to provide their customers with a level of service that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.

Northwest Stoves

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Northwest Stoves has two primary sales areas: First, it is a leading distributor of fireplaces, stoves, heaters, accessories and maintenance supplies to authorized speciality retailers and specialized building supply dealers possessing territories across the west.

Second, it distributes top quality gas, pellet and charcoal BBQ’s, patio heaters, fire tables and fire-pits to speciality retail stores in Western Canada

Kosmetae Academy

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Kosmetae provides an exciting learning journey in Spa Therapy, Medical Spa Therapy, Creative Hair Design and Nail Technology.


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Established in 2005, HortyGirl is based in Langley, B.C. Our team’s professional attributes include wholesale and retail sales and service experience, a diploma in horticulture, a floral design certificate and experience in direct to business relationships.

We endeavor to maintain a healthy work environment filled with inspired, talented and motivated staff that will provide our customers with exceptional products and service.