Case Study – Putzmaus America

“This website is the best sales tool I have, I Never thought the website would outperform my sales team!”

When Andy saw how well the Austrian designed boiler tube cleaning system worked he bought exclusive distribution rights in America. He came to us and we developed a strategy to tackle his more established competitors. This website performed so well that even when the economy hit rock bottom in 2008 it was still generating at least 2 sales per week. How does this website do so well? Engaging content, insightful information, accurate descriptions and videos to help demo the product.

Our Results:

Andy says the website is the best sales tool he has. In fact in retrospect, he wishes he hadn’t hired sales personnel in the first year as the website consistently outperformed them.

The Putzmaus® America website remains first ranked in Google for boiler tube cleaning. The site generates multiple serious inquiries every week from across North America. Callers mention that they are impressed with the website and the information it provides, and the video has been viewed almost 50,000 times in three years.

Sales Per Week
+ 0 %
Increased Traffic Through SEO
# 0
Multiple Rank One Positions Across Google

Client Obstacles:

Putzmaus America was a new company with no current presence in the North American market. They were up against many well-established brands in a very competitive market.

What the Client Needed:

Become #1 boiler tube cleaning equipment distributor in North America. Andy contacted us to help him launch the product knowing he had stiff competition from better known North American brands.

Our Strategy:

We gathered information from Andy, had the Austrian product documents translated for background and specifications, developed a marketing strategy and produced a number of marketing tools.

First, we created the Putzmaus® America brand and took photos of the product. We then produced a search engine optimized website, sales brochure, and business cards.

Using clips from three existing videos, we produced a new video with voice over narration to demonstrate the effectiveness and ease of use of the Putzmaus ®.

Services We Provided:

Web Design

Customized Website that educates prospects on the key features that set this product apart from the other brands


Implemented a Search Engine Optimization strategy to tap into people who are “hot ’n read to buy”


Leveraged Video Marketing to highlight the key features and demonstrate how easy it is to use the product.

Social Marketing

Designed Sales Brochure, and Business Cards.