Case Study – All Spa Repairs

“Over $40,000 in sales this past two weeks”

All Spa Repairs is a family-owned business that was started 30 years ago. They started as just a hot tub repair business (hence the name) but now that the ambitious son has taken over they set their sights on being the best hot tub distributor in the lower mainland. Halfway through building their website, they asked if we could help with their Facebook marketing. We couldn’t have been happier.

Our Results:

We built them a new website because they’ve grown from being just a hot tub repair business to also selling quality hot tubs. They needed a website that represented all the services and products they offered in an organized, nice and easy layout. Once the website design was built we launched their marketing campaign which involved both SEO and SEM. We also ran a social media marketing campaign that brought them $40,000+ in sales and a 13X ROI.

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Unique people reached in first two weeks
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Sales in two weeks

Client Obstacles:

Create awareness and drive people to their weekend hot tub parking lot sale.

What the Client Needed:

The initially small project team envisioned something much more user friendly, that would include definitions for the various surgical procedures so patients would be confident that they had made the correct selection; and that would provide only the names of surgeons most likely to have the shortest wait times.

Our Strategy:

We created and optimized an engaging marketing campaign on Facebook. The strategy involved targeting specific demographics and was followed up by eye-catching graphics with persuasive copy.

Services We Provided:

Web Design

Customized Website that educates prospects on the key features that set this product apart from the other brands


Implemented a Search Engine Optimization strategy to tap into people who are “hot ’n read to buy”


Leveraged Video Marketing to highlight the key features and demonstrate how easy it is to use the product.

Social Marketing

Designed Sales Brochure, and Business Cards.