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Nashe Beauty

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Nashé Beauty is a Canadian-African Heritage beauty brand based in Greater Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The magnificent richness of Africa’s botanical heritage is a nourishing resource our brand wishes to share. Nashé Beauty uses traditional African knowledge, passed on from our grandmothers and mothers, and modern skincare science to craft natural products for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Products you will want to use every day in your beauty ritual.

Prima Power Sys

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Prima Power Systems has a great selection of used inventory purchased through our network of connections.  You can find preowned natural gas and diesel equipment in many brands including Cat, Kohler and katolight.

If you are looking to upgrade, ask us about trading in your equipment with us!

karice Lighting

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Founded in 1993 by iron worker and machinist Maurice Dery and artist Karen Dery, today Karice Lighting has developed to become a market leader in decorative lighting. Presenting original artistic and innovative designs, Karice is recognised internationally for its superior craftsmanship. Recently, machinist and designer Jordan Dery joined his parents at the head of the company, bringing additional creativity and skill to the team.

Karice has grown to become a leader when it comes to original and custom designs for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Western Ranchlands

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We are a conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, Canada. We use a combination of science-based strategies, proven management systems and professional expertise to efficiently manage land on a large scale.

Western Ranchlands offers a new perspective and a new approach to synergistically combine the operation of livestock businesses, the conservation of open space, and real estate investment. We invite you to join us in this important venture.

Well Being BC

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Well-Being BC is a project of the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA), a non-profit society that represents over 300 independent schools in BC.

Well-Being BC was created with funding provided by the BC Ministry of Education to all public school districts and independent schools in 2019, as part of a school – based mental health initiative to support three pillars of Well-being:

Northwest Stoves

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In the mid 1970’s, a young Powell River, BC accountant named Wayne Rourke began working with a Fisher Stove dealer in his home town. The time he spent there got him fascinated with the wood stove industry. He eventually purchased the company in 1977 and ran it from the basement of the city’s old post office. Fisher Stoves relocated to North Vancouver where it remained for several years. While in that location, Wayne hired Mike Harstone and Dan Kosovic, who are both still with the company today. The company’s focus changed from being a manufacturer to one which centered around distribution and it was during this period that Fisher became Northwest Stoves.

Kosmetae Academy

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Kosmetae is an internationally recognized Academy for Beauty and Medical Spa Therapy, with graduate students who feel confident, work ready and ready for life!

With our expert instructors, you will be guided to an exciting career with skills that can take you anywhere in the world.

Take a look at our program page to see which ones suit you . If you would like assistance to choose the best program for you, please contact us by email or by phone. The opportunities for you are endless!

Horty Girl

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Established in 2005, HortyGirl is based in Langley, B.C. Our team’s professional attributes include wholesale and retail sales and service experience, a diploma in horticulture, a floral design certificate and experience in direct to business relationships.

We endeavor to maintain a healthy work environment filled with inspired, talented and motivated staff that will provide our customers with exceptional products and service.

Able Cresting Ltd

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Able Cresting is a BC company that provides branded clothing and promotional items to customers across the country. We offer products from Canada’s leading suppliers of uniforms, corporate wear, and advertising specialties, along with knowledgeable advice and truly exceptional customer service.

Our experienced staff are experts in fabric quality and durability, the pros and cons of embroidery vs imprinting, how to select sizes, and the most popular branded gifts.

Three Ways to Use Customer Personas

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A customer persona is a fictional character that represents your target market. If you have a segmented market, you’ll want to have a persona for each segment. The more information your have about your target market, the more detail you can add, and the more useful the persona will be. Data points include:

  • Demographics: age, job, income, location, education, ethnicity, and family status.
  • Psychographics: likes, dislikes, values, interests, motivations, frustrations.
  • Social: how they interact with friends, how they use leisure time, how they identify within social groups.
  • Behavioral: purpose of and how they interact with your business, previous purchases, purchase process preferences, desktop or mobile.

The persona should describe a typical customer. Statistical averages, like the average age, are not helpful. If your two segments are pre-teens and middle-aged adults, the average age is going to be about 30, which is an entirely different segment. For marketing purposes, your persona has to be truly representative.

Given a name, your persona comes to life and now you are focused on “Donna” to:

  1. Refine your marketing strategy: In our recent series, we reviewed the buying cycle and how to market at each phase along the customer’s path. Now you can refine those general strategies for Donna specifically. What’s going to get Donna’s attention? What motivates Donna to seek your products or services? What will Donna want to know about the product or service before she makes a decision to buy? How do you keep Donna as a long-term customer?
  2. Create compelling ads: What values do you want to convey to Donna? What emotions do you want to evoke? What will trigger Donna to move to the next phase in the buying cycle?
  3. Create meaningful content: Donna’s a well educated professional in the business world. She wants information that is concise and precise. She’s also concerned about the environment, so your website needs to address what you’re doing to be good environmental stewards. Donna also wants to ensure that her high-end suits aren’t being made by young children, so you need to tell her that. We know that Donna likes to travel, so you could have a page about the locations from which you source your fabrics, and maybe a blog post about how silk is made.

Personas are a way to get into the mind-set of your customers. So, what’s your Donna like?