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I wish that there were words that could articulate how much we appreciate your help each year.” - Becky


"Thank you! I forgot to mention – it looks awesome"

Amanda - Abbotsford International Airport

"WOW! That looks incredible, I love it! Thank you Mike."

Heidi Klein - Writer, Editor

"I want to thank and encourage you and your team. We had two new people visit our church this past Sunday. Both mentioned that they found our church through the internet. Thanks so much for all your hard work and efforts to help make this happen! Keep up the great work!"

Bob - Horizon Church International

"Congratulations! We would like to Thank You for providing consistent high quality in your area of business. Businesses earning the Certificate of Excellence are located all over the Canada and have continually delivered superior customer experience. We mailed your 2017 Certificate of Excellence hard copy through Canada Post."

Prakash Kumar - ThreeBest Rated

"Thank you Mike and the team for getting the website published. Great work and on time. Really appreciate it!"

Ranil - Active AgriScience

"Wow that was fast! I love the last one, very clean and I like the idea of the HK symbol with the book."

Heidi Klein - Writer Editor

"Thanks, you rock."

Ty Mauger - Leading Edge Entertainment

"I just cannot begin to thank you enough! I am so very happy with how the website has come along!!! Love the changes, and just the other day I had a lady come in and say she found me via Google and really liked the website. So thankful for all you have done with the website. Blessings and thank you!"

Marlene - Registered Massage Therapist

"Thanks so much Mike.  You have been giving us amazing service and I really appreciate you!"

Wendy - Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation

"My company used IIAS and they were great, my website is professional, easy to use and suits me. I met with Mike before just for a consultation and he was able to explain everything in detail and in what order things should go. My website was made earlier than the time frame that was given and was definitely up to my standards. I would recommend IIAS to anybody if you are looking to have a website done."

Andrew - Hemlock Plumbing & Heating

"The new site looks awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Wayne - Franchise Specialists

"I just wanted to say what a GREAT job you and your team have done with the updated skin on the AEA website. It is very pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to work with!"

Morgan - Abbotsford Executive Association

"I love it! I'm so excited with the changes you've done to the web site. It's definitely something to be proud of. I can't wait to print new business cards and get some logo jackets made for staff!"

Sharon - Raven's Moon Resource Society

"Thank you for getting that dealt with so quickly!"

Jessica - BC Farm & Ranch Realty

"Hey Mike, Once again, thank you so much for your availability, your patience with endless questions, and your great advice over the years! IIAS has been amazing as a reliable host on your server, and as a place staffed by amazing people! I was lucky enough to deal with you personally for a lot of stuff, but if I was talking with any of your staff, they have been equally knowledgable, friendly, and professional!"

Kevin - Redhead Mack

"Oh my goodness! You just made our lives so much easier"

Petra - Fly and Sea

"Wow, the website looks great! I like how it is simple and easy to look at and use, it looks professional. Thank you very much."

Andrew - Hemlock Plumbing and Heating

"Hi Mike, I love it! I'm so excited with the changes you've done to the web site. It's definitely something to be proud of. I can't wait to print new business cards and get some logo jackets made for staff!"

Sharon Forbes - Raven's Moon

"Wow....the website looks great.  Thank you for making those changes and adding the extras!"

Loralynn Cartmell

"Thank you Mike, Excellent customer service"

Mark Mauger - Leading Edge Entertinment

"Wow. That was fast. And extremely helpful. Thank you! Kind regards"

Lindsay McGuire - Fly & Sea Dive Adventures 

"Thanks so much for all your hard work on our website.  I know it was a more difficult project than you had anticipated.  You did a great job, and we're all very pleased with the result."

Connie - Vacations For Heros

"We are so stoked on the cascading website format !!!! Thanks :)"

Oliver - Just Ink Services

"Looks great Mike! Thank you for your work. I expect this will help develop our creditability to a high degree. Thanks Again"

George - On time Transport

"Awesome, thanks for the quick work, Mike! Thanks, take care."

Carly - West Coast Machinery

"Hi Mike, On behalf of the Public Relations Team for the Rotary Club of Abbotsford, I wanted to extend my thank you to you for the use of Paul! Paul assisted us with the design and layout of our first ever Friends of Rotary Newsletter. Hopefully, you received your copy via email ?  We truly appreciate your support and Paul’s time to assist us with this. The newsletter looks fantastic and I received a call from our club president (Dan Denis) last night to say “what a terrific newsletter and that it exceeded his expectations”. Please pass along our many thanks. Have an amazing day! Sincerely"


"Did I tell you I love the colour. I love the cleanliness of it. Did I tell you the more I see it the more I like it."

Terri-Lynn - Optimeyes

"You’re awesome! Thanks! I received a call this morning for a service visit from someone in Connecticut. Gotta love the internet for exposure! I get a kick out of telling them, we could be there by noon if they pay for my airfare."

Colleen - Able Irrigation

"Thank you! It looks great and is a huge improvement on our image. Have a great weekend."

Ronda - Manthorpe Law

"Congratulations. You're a 2012 Constant Contact All Star. Your efforts last year to manage accounts for your clients and engage with their customers were exemplary. And we certainly noticed. That's why we're so proud to name you to our roster of 2012 All Stars for one or more accounts that you manage. This status is an annual designation that only 10% of our customers achieve for their use of Constant Contact products, which makes your accomplishment as a Solution Provider even more noteworthy."

Constant Contact Team

"That's awesome. I like it."

Jason - Mine Bidz

"Thank you Mike, Excellent customer service, Regards."

Mark - Leading Edge Entertainment

"Wow!! This is fantastic. The pictures and layout is great. Very professional. Just what we were looking for."

Erin - Vacations for Heroes

"Thanks Mike! U ROCK!"

Sherman - Web Marketing Strategist

"Wow. That was fast. And extremely helpful. Thank you!"

Lindsay - Fly & Sea Dive Adventures

"I wish that there were words that could articulate how much we appreciate your help each year."

Becky - Abbotsford Executives Association

"Awesome, thanks for the quick work."

Carly - West Coast Machinery

"It looks fantastic!! Great job!"


"You’re good!"

Mark - PDS Metal Solutions Inc.

"You are a life saver and an answer to prayer!! Thank you so much!  ...here's a "isn't it a small world" bit of info. I emailed my son in Victoria, who is pastoring there. Told him what was happening..and how the website was kaput...and asked him for some advice – here's his email to me...

"These are the guys who took over for Ben Stewart... They are in Abbotsford. They are REALLY nice to me so far. They handled setting up my email account. The owner called me back, set up my account, was super nice, and just sent me a Christmas card." HA!! That's YOU guys!!...It must have been a divine appointment calling you yesterday..and yes, for the record, 'Christmas cards' are a GREAT idea! Gave us your name and info... 

So thanks again Ryan. You’ll be hearing from us... 

Ps. So..just for an update...The girls have been mentioned on Ellen..Jimmy Kimmel....ET Canada...AND they are in the National Post, Vancouver Sun, the Province, plus have an interview airing tonight on NBC Nightline... and HUGE Multi-media group from the UK just contacted them, about publishing their blog or articles..and doing interviews! All that and the Dr. Drew and the TLC show hasn’t even aired yet! How crazy is this!! AND our little church is mentioned in every written article!! Whoa! I’m curious..is there a way to see how many people check out that splash page in the next week or so? Just curious..."


"Thanks so much Mike. And a HUGE thanks to you and the team at IIAS for creating my website, managing my emails/newsletters/blogs and for creating this sales promotion. Your work is amazing and far exceeded my wildest expectations. Thanks again for helping this book become an Amazon best-seller today in two categories. Can't thank you enough!!!!!!! "

Diana - Financial Fitness Books

"Excellent!!!!! It looks really great Mike - good job!!!!! "



"Thank you Joanne. This is great. It is exactly what I needed. I wanted to send out something to a select few customers. However, I wanted it to look professional & you guys do a great job!!  Thanks again"


"Hi Joanne. The webpage is GREAT! We never thought that it would look so good. Congratulations."

Joan & John

"Hi Mike. I love what you've done, looks great, and it's always my pleasure working with such a professional team like yours. Thanks Mike, and have a great time today, and until the next project. Best regards"

Yousri - The Shefield Group

"It is excellent Mike. Just what I wanted. Thank you!"

Paula - Cope Lawyers & Litigators

"I LOVE the peddle plane balloon dude that flies across the top of the screen! When did you freaks do that? It is so cool! I was talking on the phone last night while sitting in front of the computer and out of the corner of my eye I see this dude flying by...it sorta freaked me out...I thought it was a big bug or a hacker for a second...then I looked closer. Bonnie had the same reaction...she loved it too. I think we both said in stereo "that's f#$%ing awesome"!  Thanks dudes and dudets. Cheers"

Skip - The House Whisperers

"It looks great! Actually it’s really cool that way you guys did it. I was expecting a total rework of the website but the way you integrated the flash with the book cover and contents is quite interesting. Thank you!  Cheers"


"Hi Mike, These are wonderful...all 3 of them, but I think we're most impressed with the first one. Here are some of our instant responses as soon as we saw it. Exciting. People living lives, places to go... Neat perspective of the viewer - like a passenger Nature...driving in season...suggests the same of other seasons... 'Automotive Excellence' stands out Super idea of the old car / reference to servicing since 1969. That small photo alone speaks volumes. Inspection pic includes a woman speaking directly to a technician All the button pics are fine. The whole image seems to have the right feel for us. You're spot on! Let's proceed with this concept."


"It looks great! You’ve done an awesome job! It’s only the beginning and we’ll add and change but it’s already something we can be proud of…  The pictures look so good… I really like the old tractor one. I hope you have a really good weekend! I know you’ve been working so hard on getting this website up. You deserve a little break. Thanks again!!!!"

Mary Ellen

"Thanks Mike, really appreciate this, it is always great to go to an expert when you want to know something."


"Thanks again for all your help. You guys are GREAT!"

Krista - The Graphic Garden

"Hey Mike and Ryan, Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with the end result of our website. Just wanted to thank you and your design team for all your hard work."


"Haydn and I are highly appreciative of what you and your team have created for us. We're thrilled to bits with our website."


"The site looks great. Nicely done. You should know that my retailers are using it to show customers the variety of products I make. It is becoming a real hit. Thanks again."

Don - Don Col Nature Products

"Thank you guys so very much! It is such a pleasure to deal with you. You always get back to us so expeditiously and you are always so helpful and obliging. I truly appreciate it. Regards"


"Shawn, Allow me to introduce International Internet Advertising Services - www.iias.com. They are a local company based out of Abbotsford. We found them to be very professional, efficient and easy to work with and would have no hesitation recommending them to you. Their office # is 1 877 999 4427."


"I have relied on the team at Internet Advertising for many years, and they have never let me down! When I was running Ambassador Travel, we had continuous deadlines for print ads, sales newsletters, and internet ads, and the deadlines were always met. Even when they were given very short notice, the work was always top quality and came in on budget.

More recently, I was about to launch my first book, www.financialfitnessbooks.com, and needed a website and a promotional plan set up in a real hurry.

I was amazed with how quickly everything was completed, and truly delighted with the results. Thanks to the work at IIAS, my book became an Amazon best-seller on June 12, 2012. Internet Advertising has also set up my website and newsletter package for our Silver Star rental condo. www.silverstays.com This successful website has allowed us to keep the unit occupied throughout the year.

For almost a decade, IIAS has been there for me as I created new projects. What has always impressed me is how quickly they responded and how they were always able to come up with a solution for my technical needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Internet Advertising for any type of design, web or promotional work. They don’t just do the work – they deliver results."

Diana Young, Author/Speaker - Financial Fitness Books, Former CEO – Ambassador Travel

"I just wanted to pass on a compliment. We had someone trying to sell us top placement on search engines, I told him we didn't need it. Each one he checked, we were already on top :) (or at least in the top 3) Thanks! "


"Have we told you lately how much we love you guys... Mike I feel such relief, you have in 3 moves refreshed our look. With the border and the drop shadow, this will be great for us!"

Gerri - Champagne & Lace

"IIAS rocks cyberspace"


"Mike, I haven’t taken a moment to thank you and your staff for the very professional and wonderful website you built for us. Everyone in your office was professional, helpful and patient. We wanted a simple, sleek and professional website. We got it. Already, we have hired a new employee and acquired new installation and maintenance work. All, directly from people finding us while searching the internet for an irrigation/lawn sprinkler company in their area. I haven’t even advertised our domain yet! Great work; and many thanks."

Colleen - Able Irrigation

"I appreciate the time and patience you had while working with me on our web site and it looks great."

Jacky - The Residence at Morgan Heights

"That's great Mike. You truly are the man."

Aaron - HDSMS

"Mike Johnson has been my “go to guy” for marketing materials for almost ten years now. Mike and all of his staff are very professional and have always provided the absolute best in customer service. My calls are always returned the same day, and meetings scheduled at my convenience. Whether talking on the phone or meeting in person, the conversations are productive, and decisions are acted upon quickly. Their service is simply exceptional all around. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his IIAS team."

Garry Lowney – The House Whisperers Energy Consultants Inc.

"Internet Advertising created a logo for my business, designed and developed my website. Mike and his team at Internet Advertising are true professionals and I highly recommend their services."

Lori Johnston Photography

"Everything is working awesome. So grateful for all you work."

Laura - face It Pro Makeup

"Thanks Mike, you are awesome!"

Wendy - Taylor Swift Musical

"Thanks Mike! Great service!"

Steve - Performance Computing

"Congratulations on the hard work form everyone!"

Heather - Fraser Health Surgical Services

"Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know how pleasant it has been working with IIAS through this appliance project. I will certainly be back to you as other projects come along. Regards."


"Wow - this is really something! Very wow! with gratitude."


IIAS - International Internet Advertising Services Inc.

2722 Allwood St #302, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X9 604-556-0211  Toll Free: 1-877-999-4427

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