Domain Names – What You Need to Know

Over the years, many customers have contacted us regarding problems with their domain name or names. While these problems range in difficulty and solutions, we encourage all of our customers to think about their domain names at the time of registration. The following is a discussion of common problems with domain names and the solutions to these problems.


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Advertising in a Multichannel World – The Website Advantage

Ten years ago if you sat down in a coffee shop you’d see a few people sipping their cappuccinos while reading a newspaper. Now most of those people are tapping and poking a smartphone or tablet computer. If there is one thing we can count on in this world, its change, and advertising must change with it.

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A Few Tips to Help Leverage Your Business with the Top Social Networks

How can a business leverage social networking effectively?

In order to maximize your presence on the social Web you must take advantage of social networks in all stages of the purchase funnel, from awareness to learning to buying to loyalty.

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How to Boost Your Company’s Klout Score

Klout score is the new buzzword in the Internet, and especially for social media, today. An online and mobile application that measures an entity’s magnitude of influence in social media networks, it is a figure that can range from 1 to 100 summarizing for you and all your stakeholders the sway that you reach and hold you have over various market segments. The general rule is that a higher score for an entity is always better.

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