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Internet Marketing on a Tight Budget: The Lowdown

In a wired world where every online business is fighting for attention from customers, it has become more difficult to get noticed by your target market. Aside from the usual distractions online and in social media, you are also competing with bigger companies that have spent a lot of money in their marketing and advertising departments.

This does not mean however that your online marketing efforts should cost you an arm and a leg. There are inexpensive yet creative ways to do Internet marketing on a tight budget. Here are some of the ways.


1. Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your product or service.

Consider Facebook and Twitter your new best friends in Internet marketing. After all they are easy to use and open you to a whole market of Twitter and Facebook users who may be interested in your product or service. Best of all, they are free. By tapping these social media sites, you can generate more awareness about your business online and hopefully can transfer some of that Twitter and Facebook traffic to your website where users can learn more about your products and services.


2. Endorsements by a local celebrity.

A lot of businesses dream of having a superstar celebrity endorse their product or service. But of course, getting a major celebrity endorse your business may mean big bucks.
Instead of getting a superstar celebrity as your business endorser, why not get a local celebrity to endorse or recommend your product or service. Local celebrities are those people who are prominent or known in the community for their positive work, attitude, and contributions to the community. For example, why not ask your neighborhood’s model teacher to endorse your product or service? Or how about that outstanding citizen awardee of your community? Why not ask them to endorse you on Facebook or YouTube? People in your neighborhood can immediately recognize these people and their endorsements may boost your business sales.
And since these local celebrities live near your area and you may even know them, it is easier to contact them. Ask them if they want to endorse your business. Let these local celebrities know you appreciate their help by giving them a gift or a small token of appreciation.


3. A LinkedIn group

Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is free. So why not create a LinkedIn group for your business. You can use the group to share useful information and at the same time raise awareness about your product or service. Just make sure that you do not hard sell your products and services to the group. If you do, people might be turned off with your non-stop marketing campaign and leave the group.


4. Why not create YouTube videos?

Another free platform for you is YouTube. With millions of visitors every month, you can tap YouTube for more awareness about your service. You do not have to consult a professional video production company for your YouTube videos. A simple video camera and your usual video editing software in your computer can do the trick.

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