What you need to know about SEO - Part 7: Even more about quality

seo4Another way to think about quality content is creating a site to meet your customers' needs. While you can't anticipate what an individual customer might be looking for, you can make it easier to find any specific thing on your site, with these considerations. 

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What you need to know about SEO - Part 6: More about quality content

seo1Quality content is important for a number of reasons, including search engine optimization. But what exactly is it? Here are x of the main factors that will result in quality content. 

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What you need to know about SEO - Part 5: More about ranking

algorithmIf you've done any research on search engine optimization, you've no doubt seen the word "algorithm" as part of an explanation about how search engines prioritize or rank results. So what is an algorithm?

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What you need to know about SEO - Part 4: More about indexing

indexingIf you go to the back pages of a reference book, you'll find a list of key words and which page of the book those key words are on. This is called an index, and while tremendously more sophisticated, Google's index is a digital version of this concept.

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Three Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready for Tourist Season

I had yet another experience last week where the services provided did not live up to the advertising. This time, not only was I disappointed, but the venue rooked itself out of many planned return visits and the revenue that would have gone with those. The visit itself would have been a positive one except for the misconception created by the ads. So as the summer migration begins, and with more locals opting for stay-cations, a few tips to ensure that you profit from the short summer season and boost, rather than ruin, your long-earned reputation.


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April Showers Bring May Flowers – How to turn unhappy customers into promoters

april 2016 We all get complaints. No matter how great our products are, there will be those that are unhappy and eager to tell you about it. More importantly, they will also be eager to tell everyone they know, and that’s why you need to take a strategic approach to dealing with complaints. Here’s a four step plan to converting complainers into promotional advocates for your business.

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It is 2016. Who loves ya, baby?

Who loves ya, baby?

Who loves ya, baby?If you remember the Kojak television series and the detective’s now famous phrase, you’re old enough to also remember a much simpler time in the world of business. As long as your regular customers loved you and your products or services, that’s all that mattered. Well, we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day 2016, and things are a little (a lot?) more complicated. Customers new and old, are comparison shopping online before they ever venture into your shop. And you aren’t just competing with the business across town, you’re now competing in a global marketplace where everything from appliances to zinnias can be delivered.

But when we look at all of the factors now in play to attract new business, there is one that rises to the top of the list – Google. As the most frequently used search engine in the world, what Google knows about you is going to determine who loves ya and who doesn’t. Here’s why.

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5 virtual services to make your real life better

Last month we talked about a few scary Internet issues, so now let’s look at some awesome benefits. From time savers to no excuse fitness programs, here are five ways you can use the web to your advantage.

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3 Reasons Why Small Canadian Businesses Need A Good Website

#1 – Big companies are stealing your business

Almost all, 91%, of large Canadian companies have a website, and of all companies in Canada who have the ability to sell online, almost 25% of their sales are made via the web. Yet more than half of all Canadian companies don’t even have a website, let alone a good one.

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Is your website out of style?

Responsive mobile web design
Super Fun Trampolines

You may not pay much attention to the latest fashion trends, but as the core of your online marketing strategy, the look of your website needs to show potential customers that you are up to date with the latest and greatest. So, let’s take a look at what’s “in” for 2015.


Large Background Images

Great photographs that start telling a story from the first glance are becoming more popular as backdrops. You do need to choose the image carefully though – favouring the one that will generate an emotional response. Our own avant garde design guru Paul has used this technique with some fabulous results. Have a look at these two examples:


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