Security Certificates

Security Certificates

Security Certificates

If you conduct sales transactions online, sign documents with a digital signature, or need to keep email conversations private, you can keep this exchange of data from unauthorized access with a "secure socket layer" or SSL. A Security Certificate is a digital authentication service issued by an independent third party. It tells your customers that you have taken precautions to protect their credit card numbers and other personal information. It therefore increases sales. (See images below.) A Security Certificate will only be issued if the website has been properly designed and programmed securely.  If you are selling online or have other privacy needs, please contact us at 604-556-0211 for more information.

ssl1.gifExample: When customers are browsing your site, no personal information is being collected, so additional security is not required. When the session becomes interactive - the customer adds an item to the shopping cart - you are now tracking and recording their activity. Notice that the address bar has changed. There is now a green padlock symbol and the prefix "https" which shows customers that this is a secure shopping site. 

ssl3.gifClicking on the lock symbol brings up details of the Security Certificate. This one was issued by GeoTrust, a well-known and trusted provider. 

Arranging for a Security Certificate is one of the many services we provide that help our customers sell more. Call us today to secure your site.


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