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Get constant enterprise innovation with Google

Web-based applications to help increase business collaboration and productivity.


google-icon-gmail.png Gmail

  • Used by over 5 million businesses; proven by over 450 million people
  • Access across devices: browser, phone, tablet, IMAP, POP
  • 30 GB storage (Gmail + Drive) with built-in search
  • Integrated chat, voice, and video chat capabilities directly from the web interface


google-icon-calendar.png Calendar

  • Share calendars across boundaries
  • Single-click access to video conferencing
  • Access multiple calendars from any device
  • Full-featured calendar solution, including reminders, delegation, and easy document linking


google-icon-docs.png Docs, google-icon-sheets.png Sheets, and google-icon-slides.png Slides

  • Collaborate and co-create (internal and external) documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Real-time collaboration in the same document at the same time with commenting and revision history
  • Seamless integration with Drive; easy-to-use sharing settings
  • No file management needed (auto-save and auto-backup)


google-icon-sites.png Sites

  • Website creation as easy as creating a document
  • Collaborative shared work spaces, with easy-to-use access settings
  • No need to know HTML; no special servers or admin required
  • Easy to embed external content like calendars and documents


google-icon-plus.png Google+

  • Share ideas, build relationships, and join meetings from anywhere
  • Build communities, locate experts, and connect with customers
  • Enable communication and collaboration through a social hub


google-icon-hangouts.png Hangouts

  • Online meetings with video—instantly
  • Integrated with Calendar and Gmail for quick and easy schedule and join
  • Collaborative features, such as screen sharing and integrated chat
  • Access from any device (no video conferencing equipment needed)


google-icon-vault.png Vault

  • Retain, archive, search, and export email and chat messages
  • Specify policies for retention based on organizational units, date ranges and specific terms
  • Web-based—no need to install or maintain software
  • Licensing can be a subset of users as needed


google-icon-drive.png Drive

  • Store and access all files (even non-Apps documents) across devices
  • 30 GB of storage (Drive + Gmail) and powerful search capabilities
  • Share and collaborate with people outside your company with only a browser
  • Easily control access to every document
  • Seamless integration with Calendar and Hangouts


Google Drive is a Competitive Advantage.

It’s a simple-to-use solution that gives users a single place to keep all their work—with no storage limits. Providing a mobile-first experience, Google Drive for Work is safe, easy-to-manage, and accessible from anywhere and any device. Fast and fluid, Google Drive for Work provides users with the ability to not just view files but actually edit them. It comes with built-in mobile device management, so IT can feel comfortable no matter what device a user chooses.


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