Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Get scalable, reliable and secure communications and IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost

Get scalable, reliable and secure communications and IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

The ultimate in comprehensive computing power, cloud services provide software, file storage, e-mail, scheduling and more. All you ever need is a device and an Internet connection to access your completely mobile office.

Totally scalable, cloud services can be used for any number of team members, and there are no issues with incompatible file formats, out of date software or other barriers to collaboration. In addition to office productivity services, we also offer website hosting, domain name registration, security certificates, trust services, contact management systems and newsletter services.

Website Hosting

Website HostingSpeed up your website and your profits

We offer complete web hosting services on our own web servers located in Canada and the United States. We invest time and money into providing the best hardware and software available, establishing reliable servers and ensuring your website is online and accessible 24/7.

Domain Names

Domain NamesYour domain name is your website's home. Make sure you protect it.

A relevant, recognized, and memorable domain name is about the greatest asset your company can have in today's global marketplace. So important in fact, that we recommend that a new business not select a name for itself until it can also find a complementary domain name.

SSL Security Certificates

Security CertificatesIncrease online sales with visible security.

If you conduct sales transactions online, sign documents with a digital signature, or need to keep email conversations private, you can keep this exchange of data from unauthorized access with a "secure socket layer" or SSL. A Security Certificate is a digital authentication service issued by an independent third party. 

Trust Services

Trust ServicesCreate trust, sell more.

We offer website security and anti-malware scanning services from the most trusted names online. We offer a range of trust services at different price points, with plans for every customer, from small home offices to the international enterprise. Ensuring the safety and security of your website is a must for all site owners, no matter what your business. 

Google Cloud Partner

Google AppsIncrease productivity and decrease costs.

Google Cloud provides software, storage, communication and collaboration tools for businesses of any size. It reduces your capital investment, IT maintenance issues, server and software updates and upgrades, and offers anywhere, anytime access to all of your information. Gmail for business provides domain-based email addresses, e.g. [email protected] 

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